Third Party Reviews

wikywak | August 15, 2018 |

"Love this place. I dont have much hair to cut, but All stylists do a great job with the hair I do have."

Mike Likens | July 15, 2018 |

"Good place for a quick cut."

FRANKYG | July 26, 2018 |

"Good haircut, good service."

Tim Welsh | May 09, 2018 |

"I have been using a punch card with this particular sports clip location for close to a year. I finally got to the 6th punch whereby I was to get %50 off my haircut. When handing over my card for redemption this is the response I received, "I'm sorry we no longer take these cards" "The hairstylist who punched and/signed this before no longer work here" "There isn't a code I could even type in our system" No offer was made for a discount, no honoring of prior promotion, basically just a shrug of the shoulders. When asked for the managers contact I was told I was speaking to the assistant manager and I would receive the same message. By losing me as a customer they lost my family of 5 and any other person who asks about the bolingbrook Sports Clip....all because of a one time 7 dollar discount. An prior revenue stream for 6 years, a repeat customer, gone in an instant."

Troy Zingen | February 28, 2018 |

"Sign says they close at 8.its 715and the lights are out and chick inside won't answer the phone.........."

Jeff Bethune | February 07, 2018 |

"Michelle is the only one I'll let cut my hair"

Nick U. | February 13, 2008 |

"I needed a haircut, BAD! Although I've gone to the same barber for over 10 years, I wasn't in his area, and I had an interview for a job a few hours later. Needless to say my mop-top looked like a mess and I was running out of time. So I dug deep to find some courage, and hoped that the outcome of my haircut wouldn't affect the outcome of my job interview. When I walked in to Sport Clips I was quite surprised. The sports theme was much appreciated. I didn't get to see the Bulls game the night before (I know they aren't doing well, but I watch them anyway) and watching the highlights while I waited was probably the best waiting-for-a-haircut experience I've ever had. I only had to wait about 2 minutes before I sat in the barber chair, and again, I was placed in front of a T.V. where I could get a recap of the previous nights games. So onto the most important part...The haircut. After siting down with my stylist, Amy I think was her name, we chatted a bit about how I wanted my hair cut. I was surprised that they actually wash and shampoo your hair there. The place I usually go to just gives me the spray bottle. The scalp massage was great, and the haircut came out perfect. The sides and back were good and the top was the perfect length. Having a fresh cut that looks good, definitely alleviated some of the stress I was feeling prior to my job interview. The icing on the cake was the back massage and the hot towel. Although the atmosphere and theme was great, it was the haircut that will bring me back. I was worried that Sport Clips was just a gimmick, but much to my surprise I found that it was a place to get a high-quality mens haircut."

Kennedy J. | November 04, 2011 |

"I went for a walk in haircut and I am a hairstylist too, but they didn't know nor ask. Stylist had bad communication skills. Bad consultation to start off with. Should ask client more about their hair cut. Didn't even ask how I wanted my back perimeter squared or rounded. Didn't even ask if I wanted to see my back. Hair cut was shorter than I told to the stylist to cut. Worse of all, side burns noticeably uneven. I even upgraded for shampoo and hot towel. Poor shampoo job! Not even relaxing at all, didn't even feel fingers even massaging or shampooing my hair and It felt like 1 minute long. But I will say there was another stylist there too, she was more upbeat, talking more and obviously you can see she was booked and had clients waiting for her. Even though it was not a good cut nor shampoo, I tipped well (50%), and she probably thought I wouldn't tip as much since I looked like a college guy with no money!"

Matt W. | July 10, 2012 |

"I had a good experience here. I think this is a perfect place for a guy to go that doesn't want to pay a lot of money at an actual salon, but also doesn't want to get a quick hack job by a place like Great Clips. I also like this place because there are many of them, so pretty much always convieniently located. I went for my first haircut there and found the stylist to be personable and nice, they offered a special deal for a first time customer where you basically get the full treatment at the cost of just a haircut. That included haircut, shampoo, hot towel, and a back massage. Haircut was good. She took the time needed to do it right, shampoo was nice too. Hot towel I could take or leave. I just don't see the appeal. Back massage was ok...they just use an electronic massager on your back for a minute or 2...not great cause it's just buzzing right on your spine, they arent' really trained in how to do it, so it's kind of just awkward, it's nice that they offer it, but not something I'd pay for again. They have a lot of incentives to bring people back like a free neck shave within 30 days of a haircut, which I think is great. I'll definatly go back and try other locations as well.l"

Nacho E. | April 11, 2014 |

"I really enjoy this locations service and stylists. They do a good job and I really enjoy the MVP!"